On-site yoga services. 

one-on-one  $135

group sessions (up to 6 individuals) $440

Exhale program

Allow yourself to connect with your breath within your practice on the mat or in your daily life off the mat.  Connecting to the breath to allow yourself to let go to all that no longer serves you.  Build strength with the release.

Elevate program

Challenge yourself to a new level of wellness stepping beyond your comfort zone to truly see a shift in your mindset and body for wellness and/or fitness

Vinyasa Yoga

A practice of breath with movement as you slide from one posture to the next true conscience of the use of your breath to create power + energy n your body.  This practice encourages the development for strength, body awareness, mobility and flexibility!


Services provided by Sparrowe programs 

Prices excludes HST. A travel fee may apply.